Earth and tree anchors

DuckBill Professional Tree Guy Kits, Root Ball Kits and Earth Marine Anchors provide instant point of anchoring, prevent unwanted movement/theft, are quick and easy to install and savetime and money. Available as individual components or in prepackaged, ready-to-install kits, DuckBills are both economical and foolproof.


DeepRoot Tree Root Barriers are patented mechanical guides that redirect tree roots down & away from hardscapes, preventing costly root damage while preserving the health and beauty of mature trees. Used for linear & surround applications as well as root for root pruning applications on both new plantings and existing trees, DeepRoot tree root barriers make it possible to grow large, healthy trees in areas where root growth would normally be restricted.

What do you need to anchor? For anchoring applications ranging from light to medium capacity (tree guying, root balls and theft deterrence), to medium-heavy capacity (utility poles, gabion
baskets, boat moorings, revetment mats), to heavy capacity (transmission towers, sheet piles, excavation shoring), we’ve got you covered with Duckbill®, Manta Ray®, and Stingray®