Erosion Control Bags

Sand Bags

Simple and easy to transport/use, our sturdy polypropylene sand bags are available in bulk or individually. We inventory up to 10,000 sand bags; orders received prior to 3:00pm can often be delivered to sites within the nation’s capital region the same day.


Also known as a dewatering bag, the EnviroBag is a geotextile filter bag designed to filter silt from water as it is pumped from construction/excavation sites. Use of a dewatering bag to remove hazardous materials such as silt before environmental damage occurs, is an economical solution to prevent costly clean-up of a stormwater system. The potential liability from adding silt to an aquatic ecosystem makes the EnviroBag a valuable environmental protection device.

Metre Bags

Geosynthetic Systems’ Metre Bags are designed for use in the construction of temporary dams. They are faster and easier to work with than sand bags, allowing efficient, economical filling with any on-site granular material or sand. Constructed with four lifting handles, these high-strength units are quickly filled and deployed to allow fast access to dry working conditions.


SiltSacks are a cost effective, easy way to stop silt and sediment from entering catch basins on construction sites. Constructed of a reusable woven polypropylene geotextile is designed to prevent silt and sediment from entering your drainage system while still allowing the water to flow through.

Siltsacks are placed inside the drain and held in place by the drain grate. Once full they can be easily cleaned & placed back into the drain. Routine inspection of the Siltsacks are required to prevent overflow.