Erosion Control Blankets

Geosynthetic Systems offers only top quality rolled erosion control blankets, ranging from those designed to degrade quickly (accelerated) to permanent turf reinforcement mats.

Rolled erosion control products (RECPs), by nature, hold moisture and therefore help to accelerate germination and vegetation establishment, providing nature’s own permanent erosion control. From accelerated products designed to degrade rapidly to permanent turf reinforcement mats, Geosynthetic Systems has what you need to keep soil in its place.


Accelerated blankets are comprised of 100% agricultural straw blankets stitched with degradable thread to either a single/double UV accelerated photodegradable polypropylene netting. They are designed to degrade in as little as 45 days making them ideal for vegetation establishment in areas where close mowing is required and rapid vegetation establishment is anticipated (i.e. golf courses/residential applications).


(45 days - 12 months) Geosynthetic System’s short-term erosion control blankets are designed to act as a reinforced mulch to protect seeds and soil from erosion caused by wind and rain. They provide all-natural erosion protection for up to 12 months to moderate slopes and low flow channels requiring low maintenance. Once the blanket has biodegraded and vegetation has been established soil erosion is under control. Applications for short term ECB’s include residential lawns, golf courses, landfill caps, highways, mines and more.


(18 - 36 months) Geosynthetic System’s extended and long term blankets incorporate the use of coconut fibers to provide longer and better protection against erosion problems on steep slopes, medium- to high-flow channels and shorelines. The extended term blankets also utilize a UV stabilized netting that lasts from 18 to 36 months, depending upon the product and upon conditions. Once the blanket degrades soil erosion is controlled by the root system of the mature, established vegetation.


Geosynthetic Systems’ permanent turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) provide long term solutions to some of the most extreme erosion challenges. All our permanent protection products promote rapid vegetation growth in areas where the forces exerted by wind and or water exceed the shear limits of non-reinforced vegetation.