Erosion & Sediment Control

Soil erosion can be a serious problem, resulting in catastrophic damage to water sources, landscaping and wildlife. Repairing damage caused by soil erosion can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Geosynthetic Systems has been distributing erosion control products longer than any other company in Eastern Canada. We carry a full inventory of many erosion control solutions for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.


Floating Silt Barrier

Floating silt barriers (FSBs), also known as silt curtains, are designed to control the settling of solids (silt) suspended in water by providing a controlled area of containment, reducing the impact area of these solids. Geosynthetic Systems can provide custom designed specific floating booms to solve unique challenges, offering a variety of fabric options, flotation sizes, load-bearing and ballast members, connectors and lengths.

Coir Logs

Our 100% natural, organic, biodegradable coir logs and mats are fabricated with pure coconut husk. Coir fiber is durable and strong, wildlife-friendly and is naturally conducive to the processes involved – being spun and woven - in the fabrication of erosion & sediment control mats and logs. Typical erosion and sediment control applications include slope and channel stabilization, stream and river bank stabilization, wetland construction, dams, detention ponds, highway and rail embankments, mining operations and landfills, ski slopes and ski lift tracks, pipelines, high altitude planting reservoirs and construction sites.

Erosion & Sediment Control Bags

Simple and easy to transport and use, our sturdy erosion & sediment control bags are available in bulk or individually. We offer many different types of control bags including sand bags, envirobags, metre bags, and siltsacks.

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Articulated Concrete Blocks

FLEXICRETE is a system of solid concrete blocks connected together to form continuous inter-connected areas which can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be made in various shapes depending upon your application – square, rectangle, trapozodial, hexagonal or even circular. Depending on the purpose for which the FLEXICRETE panels are to be used, different types of interlocking materials can be used such as mild steel, nylon rope, high tensile steel and stainless steel aircraft cable.