Geocomposite Drainage Systems

A geocomposite is a two-part prefabricated drainage system consisting of a formed polystyrene core covered on one side with either a woven or nonwoven filter fabric (depending upon the application). The fabric allows water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles that might clog the core.

In vertical applications (retaining walls, foundation drainage, chimney drainage, etc.) geocomposites reduce hydrostatic pressure and convey groundwater away from the structure and towards designated drainage exits. In horizontal applications (roof drainage, planting beds, parking decks, plaza decks, balconies and under slab applications..) the geocomposite directs water to designated exits to alleviate pooling and subsequent damage to plant material. In either case – horizontal or vertical – geocomposites offer a modern, cost-effective alternative to conventional aggregate drainage systems which are costly, difficult to install and in applications such as roof drainage, too heavy.