Geosynthetic Systems distributes several varieties of geogrids, supplied by manufacturers we select as much for the outstanding quality of their products as for their consistent reliability.

Geogrids are designed for multiple purposes – from base reinforcement in road construction to reinforced slopes and segmental retaining wall construction. Geogrids allow optimum flexibility while providing low cost solutions to difficult grade separation site conditions.

Geogrids are mechanically and chemically durable and produced in multiple strengths in order to provide the most efficient design possible. Geogrids are designed to be a reinforcement material that is easy to install in the field as they can be cut by hand for precise shaping.

Selection of the appropriate geogrid depends upon the application and project specification, so make sure to contact Geosynthetic Systems to ensure the right product gets to the jobsite.


Uniaxial Geogrids are built to reinforce soils in the construction of structures such as bridge abutments, retaining walls, steep slopes and slip repairs. They are manufactured to produce high strength in the direction of roll length (machine direction).


Biaxial Geogrids combine major cost savings with considerable performance benefits in granular capping and sub-base layers. Saving in granular thickness of up to 40% with no performance loss, reduction of excavated soil and conservation of natural aggregates while improving fill compaction and reducing disturbance of sensitive subgrades are some of the benefits achieved through the use of the right biaxial geogrid.

Triaxial Geogrids

With its unique triangular structure, Tensar’s patented TriAx (triaxial) geogrid represents a revolutionary advancement in geogrid technology. Its multi-directional properties leverage triangular geometry, one of construction’s most stable shapes, providing greater stability and stiffness. TriAx geogrids offer superior performance for paved and unpaved roads, improving the service life while reducing excavation and pavement material thickness. This all equates to cost savings as well as an overall reduction of the associated environmental impact.

Combigrid® geogrids

Combigrid® geogrids are the next generation of geogrids produced with state of the art manufacturing technology, unlike any other geogrid on the marketplace today. The reinforcement element is a highly oriented polypropylene or polyester bar that is uniformly extruded and drawn to achieve a high modulus and strength at low elongations. A three dimensional fibre matrix of the needle-punched Secutex® non – woven is placed between the Secugrid® bars during the manufacturing process and is firmly bonded with the reinforcement bars with the NAUE patented welding technology to provide a structurally sound and stable geogrid.