Nonwoven geotextiles are designed for high permittivity (water flow) and a fine pore structure. Their strength prevents damage due to construction stresses, while their pores allow the free flow of groundwater and in-place gas and liquid transmission. Given their fine pore structure, nonwoven geotextiles prevent fine soils from piping through or clogging the geotextile - eliminating the need for an expensive graded granular filter.

In general, nonwoven geotextiles provide several functions including:
  • Reinforcement & stabilization (improving the mechanical properties of soil and structural fill by absorbing tensile forces and reducing deformation.
  • Separation (keeping dissimilar aggregates separated to maintain functionality
  • Drainage (their high in-place & normal flow rates prevent water buildup and pore pressure, keeping structures strong and stable)
  • Erosion Control (used in slopes and channels, they provide structures with stabilization and filtration