Industrial Fabrics & Membranes

Providing solutions for soil separation, confinement and reinforcement is the very reason Geosynthetic Systems was conceived. We rolled out the first geotextiles in the National Capital Region back in the late 1970s and we haven't stopped! READ MORE

Erosion & Sediment Control

Whether you're looking to prevent soil on your golf course from blowing away until vegetation takes hold or you need to stop silt from your construction site from settling in nearby waterways, Geosynthetic Systems has what you need.READ MORE

Drainage & Stormwater Management

From traditional products such as sub-surface drainage tubing and corrugated steel pipe to innovative products such as geocomposite drainage systems, the experts at Geosynthetic Systems can make sure you find the products and receive the installation information you need to get your project designed and built right the first time. READ MORE

Landscape Specialties

The landscaping experts at Geosynthetic Systems have spent more than a decade in landscape design and construction. We know the industry well and can provide a wide range of landscaping materials. From landscape fabric and weed barriers to lawn edging and tree anchors, Geosynthetic Systems has you covered. READ MORE

Gabion Systems & Engineered Walls

We installed the first gabion system in Ottawa over 40 years ago, and we continue to be a leader in the distribution of gabion systems and engineered walls in Eastern Ontario. Whether you need a mini gabion for a residential application or a slope retention system for a vertical drop, Geosynthetic Systems can help. READ MORE

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Our concern about the construction industry's impact on the environment has led us to products and systems that we can both confidently and conscientiously call "green." Our product line is continually growing and changing as we strive to offer you solutions to the soils management challenges you face. DOWNLOAD