Siltsack® for Catch Basins in Ottawa

Storm sewer systems are designed to carry untreated rainfall runoff to local streams, rivers, or other water bodies. During storm events or as a result of nearby construction, sediment and other contaminants often wind up in the system, clogging catch basins. This is especially relevant for catch basins in Ottawa, where urban runoff is a significant concern.

Siltsack® is a convenient, reusable, easy-to-install trap designed to prevent catch basins in Ottawa from becoming clogged with sediment or debris. By using Siltsack, you ensure that catch basins remain functional, reducing the risk of flooding and environmental damage.

Used as either a primary or secondary sediment control device, Siltsack is an effective solution for preventing failure of drainage systems due to clogging with silt or sedimentation during storm events. This makes it an ideal choice for maintaining catch basins in Ottawa and other areas prone to heavy rainfall and construction activity.

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